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30 November 1987
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Gildinwen is a 28 year old bisexual (she still hasn't figured out where she is on the Kinsey scale though leaning towards 4-5) female. She is British but is living in New Jersey. She loves Lord of the Rings (the book mostly but the films were great!!!) and her favourite characters are Boromir Faramir Aragorn and Elrond.I also like ALL 6 of the Star Wars films and my favourite Characters are Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, (oviously).

She also loves football, Man Utd though her father supports Liverpool.This journal will have thoughts on all aspects of her presumed sexuality, and as such it may get a bit graphic, just a warning . Favourite fandom Smallville: Favourite characters?. Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. :-D

She's more political now than she ever thought she would be, ever since 2010 (shut up)

She wants to travel more having only been to 4% of the world even though she's 26.
visited 9 states (4%)
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Though when you factor in how much she's travelled in the U.S it becomes a bit better.

visited 11 states (22%)
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She's also an aspiring actress.